Quality Builders – Ideal for Industrial and Commercial Properties

About Cohen Construction, Inc., take a look at the many services they offer that serve your life with style. Take a tour of their facilities, see what Cohen Construction has to offer and get ready to be impressed. This is a family owned business that prides itself in offering the highest quality work around. It has been in business since 1941 and has built a lot of beautiful homes and commercial buildings in New Jersey and all over the United States. For these projects, Cohen Construction uses only the best concrete and other building materials and expertise to bring you the best results.

Looking for a home in the future that will last and stand the test of time? Look no further than Cohen Construction, Inc., who has several residential properties to choose from. Enjoy the luxury of a gated entryway to your home, surrounded by lush, manicured lawns, state of the art landscaping and beautiful gardens. The spacious outdoor space can be used for parties or just relaxing on a nice summer evening.

From commercial properties to residential developments, Cohen Construction, Inc., offers many options. Check out their variety of commercial designs including some very unique structures that incorporate both historic and modern themes. Look for the kind of architecture that says more about the architecture and building itself than the home. If you are looking for an office that you can use as a permanent home or a temporary office while the building is being constructed, check out the Cohen Commercial Properties.

Looking for a place to stay when you are also looking for a home? Check out the Cohen Residential Home Properties, which features beautiful homes in the beautiful New Jersey area. Look into the various amenities including pet friendly neighborhoods, swimming pools, fireplaces and other features to make sure that your stay is enjoyable.

Cohen Construction has several residential options from town homes to condominiums. Looking for a new condominium in New Jersey? Check out the Cohen Multi-Family Property, which offers luxurious properties with pools, gated entrances and private parking spaces. You might also want to check out the Cohen Heritage Home, which is one of the oldest buildings in West Orange. Enjoy the views of the Garden City and Atlantic Ocean, or bask in history at the historical Cohen Country Club.

For all of your commercial property needs, you can count on Cohen Construction. Check out what they have to offer today! Whether you are building a residential property or a commercial one, you will find great services, plenty of land and a wonderful array of products. Let Cohen Construction gives you the perfect solution for all of your construction needs!

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