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These venues are great clubs for dancing, listening to music, and drinking. You can still enjoy your downtime singing in this coin noraebang in Seoul. You have the option to sing just one song, three songs, or more.

These are tiny 홍대호빠 rooms that can barely fit two people, and you’ll pay directly into the karaoke machine based on the number of songs you want to sing. The day can easily be spent belting away to one’s favorite songs. In some karaoke, it’s also possible to order drinks and food, although oftentimes, only sodas like Sprite are served.

Some of the best dance clubs in South Korea can be found in Seoul. Visitors in search of hot nightlife in Korea will find both well-known and underground dance clubs in Seoul. Some are popular concert venues that feature live music acts from in and outside South Korea. Some are celebrated for their techno music and DJs. Seoul clubs like Octagon and Monkey Museum draw huge crowds.

You typically pay for them by the hour, starting by paying for one hour. If you wish to extend, you can pay for the additional time. If there is no queue to the karaoke rooms, most establishments keep giving free extra time to sing, sometimes even for hours. In this article, we will go over what Korean-style karaoke is like, where its name came from, and what you can expect from singing karaoke with Koreans. It’s a pretty big slice of Korean culture and one of its most enjoyable ones at that. You’ll want to know all about it to not miss out on the experience, even if your trip to South Korea will be a short one.

There are also discounts for off-peak hours. The average hourly price is from 5,000 ~ 15,000 won depending on the time and the number of people, mornings (9am-12am) are twice as cheap as evening. Luxurious noraebang rooms will be more expensive at about 20,000 ~ 30,000 won per hour with more diverse services. Drinking is a popular pastime in South Korea.

There will be laughs, there will be tambourines, there will be mikes that echo. There will be songs you thought you knew but in fact don’t and typos in lyrics. There will be moments when you can’t remember who sings one of your favorite songs. In the past couple of years, “coin noraebang” aka 코인노래방 have also become quite a popular thing.

Although this number is meant to show your accuracy, it will quickly become obvious that there is no criteria for scoring. You can scream random words into the microphone and score a 99, or land a 60 if you hit the notes better than Adele. Once your score has been announced, the machine will advance to the next song in the queue. Noraebang are ubiquitous in South Korea and can literally be found on just about every block in the bigger cities. If you go to noraebang with your close friends, then you can just enjoy yourself without worrying about anything. However, there are some things you need to know when going to noraebang with your Korean colleagues and friends.

Some solo singing rooms range between 2,000won to 6,000won hourly. As for a coin noraebang, one song typically costs 500won. However, the price per song lessens the more you purchase at once.

Even at 4am, the drinks are still flowing; shots of soju are accompanied by saewoo-kkang or you can opt for pricey bottle service with yet another fancy fruit plate. Speakeasies are big here, especially with the millennial crowd. After Le Chamber opened in 2014, hordes of speakeasy copycats followed suit. Even the Four Seasons Seoul decided to partake, opening Charles H in 2015. To bar hop, try the Gyeongbokgung neighborhood — there’s a cluster of speakeasy-style bars hidden away from the main street outside exit 7. This area is also a must-visit for traditional hanok-style bars like The Cobbler or Tender Bar.

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