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Acromion – A bony process on the superior end of the scapula. It forms the highest point of the shoulder, to which the collarbone is attached. Acoustic trauma – Damage or injury to the inner ear caused by exposure to a high-decibel noise. Consult Taber’s anywhere you go with web access + our easy-to-use mobile app. Pain radiates from the heads of the metatarsal bones and worsens when bearing weight or being palpated.

Written by a team of medical experts, the entries are accessible and jargon-free and complemented by over 140 illustrations and diagrams. The 8th edition has been fully revised and updated to cover changes in this fast-moving field. Entries on techniques and equipment, drugs, general medical dictionary health service organization and treatment have all been reviewed and updated where necessary. The Synonyma Simonis Genuensis, attributed to the physician to Pope Nicholas IV in the year 1288, was printed by Antonius Zarotus in Milan in 1473. By the time of Antonio Guaineri (died in 1440) and Savonarola, this work was used alongside others by Oribasius, Isidore of Seville, Mondino dei Liuzzi, Serapion, and Pietro d’Abano.

This safe, non-invasive test is used to diagnose problems in the abdomen, such as pain, appendicitis, kidney stones, or abdominal aortic aneurysm. – Farlex apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times across multiple platforms, with top ratings after hundreds of thousands of reviews. We work with the best publishers to bring together trusted content in the most comprehensive, authoritative dictionary apps on the market.

A diagnostic procedure involves listening to the sounds of thoracic or abdominal viscera. Abnormal sounds could indicate problems in the lungs, heart valves, and abdomen. The auricle amplifies sound waves and funnels them towards the inner ear. Cauliflower ear, also known as perichondrial hematoma or wrestler’s ear, is a deformity of the auricle caused by an injury.

The androgens produced in the ovaries and adrenal medulla are converted into estrogen, the female sex hormone. The liver converts ammonia to urea, which the kidney excretes. In liver disease, the liver fails to clear ammonia, resulting in the accumulation of unmetabolized ammonia, a condition called hepatic encephalopathy. Albinism is a condition where a person is congenitally deficient in melanin pigment.

Anxiety disorders are conditions in which the anxiety is constant, overwhelming, or recurring. Anxiety disorders are a group of related conditions, each having different symptoms in different individuals. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, Posttraumatic stress disorder, and phobias, for example.

The latest edition of Taber’s Medical Dictionary Online provides more than 75,000 definitions, 33,700 audio pronunciations, 1,300 images, and 130 videos. Add mobile access to download Taber’s onto your smartphone and tablet. To repay or punish a person for an injury by use of the offender’s own methods.

Found only in the synovial joints, articular cartilage helps to absorb shock. For example, the antrum of the stomach is also called the pyloric antrum or gastric antrum. It is the lower portion of the stomach and contains numerous mucous- and gastrin-secreting cells. Steroid hormones are responsible for puberty, fertility, and sexual function in men. Though androgens are typically thought of as male hormones, the female body also produces them.

Other significant medical dictionaries are distributed by Elsevier. Dictionaries often have multiple versions, with content adapted for different user groups. Medical dictionaries are commonly available in print, online, or as downloadable software packages for personal computers and smartphones. MedTerms medical dictionary is the medical terminology for Our doctors define difficult medical language in easy-to-understand explanations of over 19,000 medical terms.

Includes the urinary bladder, portions of the small intestine, and the appendix. Located between the left and right hypochondriac region, this is the region over and above the belly. Parts of the right and left lobes of the liver and a major portion of the stomach come under the epigastric region.

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