Element of surprise mobile security patrols

The team at TMS Protection Ltd are highly trained, all staff are fully trained in conflict management and have the required training to detain any intruder or person caught in the act of vandalism at your premises. The SES Group’s mobile patrol service provides a reliable presence on your site whenever you need it. Through the Smart Security Platform, security patrols can be rapidly scaled up and down as required, ensuring your security provision can be adapted at will. Years of experience and proactive approach by the team adds dimension to our security services. An excellent option for those who do not require a continuous guarding presence, our Patrol Officers make regular, random-pattern monitoring of your premises, as well as the surrounding area. The Patrol Officers will take action in the case of any security breach, and provide you with a full and detailed report at the end of each pass.

We are able to create a bespoke arrangement for mobile security patrols london to monitor your area according to your specifications. You have complete control over every aspect of the mobile patrol services you require. We can arrange scheduled patrols as a visual deterrent, as well as covert patrols where discretion is required. Should you require round-the-clock security, our mobile patrol security officers can station vehicles in high-risk areas, or are able to man gates, entrances, and secured areas. For vacant or remote properties, we can carry out perimeter and property checks at specific times of the day or night as well as randomly. Our mobile security officers are backed up by our 24/7 control room that connects to all our services, allowing you to combine mobile security patrols with other security services such as CCTV security and keyholding and alarm response.

The security team at TMS carry out regular, random mobile security patrols in the daytime and at night due to the element of surprise mobile security patrols are best performed in this manner. 1st Class Protection provides a wide range of mobile security patrols for businesses and homeowners. Our mobile patrols offer complete protection for manufacturing zones, gated communities and neighbourhoods, commercial complexes, construction sites and many other large clusters of properties. With our mobile security patrol teams we can carry out the locking and unlocking of your premises at time’s that are convenient for you. In the morning our officers will unlock your premises, carry out a security check and await the arrival of your first staff. In the evening, our officers will turn off lights, ensure all staff and visitors have left the building, secure all doors and windows before setting the intruder alarm.

In case of an emergency security situation, our mobile patrol team is fully capable of taking instant action. We will not leave your site until the security breach has been effectively identified and the site is fully secured. All of our mobile patrols are tracked using our bespoke mobile application ; Logic Live which provides a full electronic report and GPS footprint for the delivery of mobile patrols.

As well as your security provision being both cost-effective and fully managed. Our mobile security patrol is available to private residential homes, streets, neighbourhoods and businesses based in Central London and the surrounding areas. All mobile security guards providing residential security services for Westminster Security are highly trained, fully vetted, insured, licensed and registered with the Security Industry Authority.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and excellence of our highly dedicated staff. We are equipped with all the modern security tools and gadgets to ensure security to the standards you expect. SFM UK Ltd is an experienced and reputable security and facilities management company based in Dunstable. It’s our job to ensure the protection of your business, premises, and people from the potential risk of crime.

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