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Lowe’s sells a wide array of construction materials, furniture, home and garden equipment, and tools online through its eCommerce platform. Other than the US, the other markets where the brand generates eCommerce sales include Greater China and Japan. Chegg is an online business based in Santa Clara, California, that primarily operates in the ‘learning’ space of the sharing economy., operated by Dell, Inc., is a popular online store that generates eCommerce net sales primarily in the United States as well as in Japan and the United Kingdom. The cost of Google Ads all comes down to you and your budget. Google Ads don’t have a minimum spend requirement however the cost per click is determined by you and your competitors as it works on a bid based system. This means some keywords are more expensive than others.

Because I hear of startups way, way, way too often, and I know you do as well, to where they say my idea is the next big idea. And one of them is like by doing rap freestyle battles back and forth and that’s the entire app. I’m like, I don’t know if that’s going to be the next big Apple, whatever. The thing is with my current success, I wouldn’t even call it a current success.

Many Google Ads agencies will create complex reports at the end of each month to baffle you with jargon to make it look like they are working hard. We don’t; it’s just a waste of time they aren’t read or understood. You should be able to understand what your ecommerce ppc agency is talking about, there is no need for complex, hard-to-understand PPC terms.

We use our years of experience of optimising eCommerce PPC campaigns and getting our clients relevant website traffic with a fantastic conversion rate & CPC to drive traffic and sales to your online store. And I know that you know that since you’re in the marketing space, that good revenue comes from people that are in your target market, where you’ve done marketing to reach out to them. You’ve had such a compelling piece of information through your attraction marketing strategies, to where the call to actions have been to where they either go to your website, they give you a call, whatever it may be. And then they sign on with you and then they become your early adopters. And then with them being your raving fans, then they start telling their friends and family and posting it on social networks saying, dude, you got to check this out.

This will increase the chances of gain more leads and sales for your business. Using our knowledge of Google Ads and the information we gain from you we build Google Ads Campaigns that bring the right visitors to your website. All of your website designs are built to work on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. We deliver eCommerce stores that are designed to convert visitors into customers.

Some industries have a low cost per click and others are very high. It’s also important to think about the value of a conversions, sometimes lower cost clicks don’t get conversions so it’s important to think about the ROI not just the cost. Increase the number of sales and leads your website generates with a successful Google Ads campaign. We make sure that we track all the metrics you class as conversions, that may include contact form submits, downloads or checkout purchases. We then use this data to make sure you are bidding on the right keywords and your Google Ads are optimised correctly.

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