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There are plenty of low-light indoor plants that are surprisingly easy to care for and some even do better in shadier spaces. English ivy has leathery leaves and vigorous vining stems that have made it popular as an outdoor groundcover, but unfortunately it has become invasive in some regions. It can be an easy-care houseplant, too, and you’ll be better able to keep it contained that way.

Those long, pointed leaves will give any home a cool, calming, tropical feel. If you want to get creative with choosing your houseplant, you can pick a plant based on your zodiac sign. This tree plant produces fragrant fruits, which you can harvest and use to make jams and other treats. Gift this to the home canner in your life and they’ll return the gesture with jam for years to come. Most gardeners think of vines as outdoor athletes, ready to be trained up exterior fences and walls. But climbers can also soften windows inside, so long as you provide them with something to scale .

The history of houseplants is intertwined with the history of container gardening in general. Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians grew ornamental and fruiting plants in decorative containers. Ancient Greeks and the Romans cultivated laurel trees in earthenware vessels. In ancient China, Kamerplanten in pot was shown at garden exhibitions over 2,500 years ago. The ZZ Plant—which many call the “”eternity plant””—is actually happier away from sunlight. In fact, bright light will end up burning the leaves and keep the plant from growing.

No matter what shade of green your thumb is, you’ll find support for your lawn and garden projects at The Home Depot. We carry a wide variety of all types of plants, from indoor plants and house plants to succulents and snake plants. You’ll find small house plants, large house plants and everything in between. In general all house plants thrive in bright indirect light but some can do well in low light conditions too, for example bromeliads and ZZ are excellent low light plants. Home gardening is a very big global trend now, but it has always been a part of human civilization. Ugaoo boasts of one of the most extensive and curated lists of interior plants for all homes and requirements.

The general rule is to water your plant once the top soil is dry touch and does not stick to the finger on poking it. For more plant specific information you can refer to our indoor plants page that gives detailed plant care tips and information. You can also contact our plant experts on our customer care number for specific plant issues.

Our gift experts have come up with an array of online indoor plants which has been well-maintained and can be delivered with ease to your loved ones. When it comes to indoor house plants, whether you’re searching for small house plants or large house plants, The Home Depot has you covered. These plants thrive in any type of light, but they do require a lil more watering than most. Btw, the holy name is thanks to the fact that the leaves tend to fold in at night, resembling 🙏.

Some corn plants have plain green leaves, but some varieties like ‘Warneckii’ offer white, cream, gold, or chartreuse stripes on their foliage. They tolerate low light, but produce better color in medium to bright light. It makes a substantial floor plant with its glossy foliage and upright stems. In fact, your biggest problem might be what to do with all the baby plants they’ll produce. Almost all the indoor plants described here can be grown in the indirect sunlight from a window and prefer the same indoor temperatures as most people . A few will require a bit more pampering, but nothing extreme.

Also called umbrella tree, this easy-to-grow houseplant has glossy foliage with leaflets that radiate out from a central point, just like an umbrella’s ribs. A close relative, dwarf schefflera has smaller, thicker leaflets and shorter stems. Look for variegated varieties for even more interesting leaves. Snake plant tolerates low light and little water while still maintaining its good looks.

Living in your super sunny home may be nice and all, but if it makes you feel like you can’t have indoor plants without frying them, think again. Philodendrons crave tons of sunlight, so they’ll thrive in your well-lit summer home (or, regular home if you’re lucky!). I mean, with a name like “”Marble Queen Pothos,”” this indoor plant makes an amazing gift for the VIP friend in your life. It starts out small, but its trailing vines can grow to be over 11 feet long, even indoors with low light and dry air.

Having a full and vibrant palm in your home is always a nice addition and the lady palm is a great one to start off with. Unlike other types of palms, this one is easier to care for and only needs indirect sunlight. Interest in houseplants exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. With people forced to spend more time indoors, many sought to fill their homes with houseplants. Plants were mentioned on Instagram an average of more than 3,000 times a day in July 2021 and the hashtag #plantmom has been used more than 2.6 million times. Plant sales in 2020 were at an all-time high, which brought concerns about the environmental impact of the industry.

One of the easiest plants to keep alive in the winter, the Chinese Evergreen is pretty much that…evergreen. It does well in low light and can even survive if you forget to water it sometimes. Plus, its gorgeous, thick leaves add a pop all year round. Taking care of indoor plants is not that difficult and with a few pointers your plants can easily thrive. The basic idea is to understand how much water your plant needs and this plant specific information is available on the plant pages on our website.

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