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But it also puts every single other water gun on this list to shame with its capabilities and features. You see, this squirt gun is semi-automatic — meaning you don’t have to pump it up; you just pull the trigger — and can fire water “bullets” of up to 46ft. It can also self-reload in just 12 seconds and has a battery charge that’s good for a whopping 2,000 blasts per charge.

Take care not to hold the lance too close to a surface for too long as the high water pressure may cause damage. Before turning on, make sure the water supply is properly connected and sufficiently feeding the pump. Compact and light, this model is ideal for cleaning around the house and garden as it is easy to move about. It has all the versatility of our larger STIHL Water Blasters, fitting the range of STIHL Cleaning Attachments ideal for cleaning your boat, car or deck.

These products are all ISO, CE, SGS certified, and backed with extended warranty periods. The only downside, on paper anyhow, is a lower capacity of 20 shots compared to the 25 of the original… You can still charge up three distinct shots at a time, each ready to dispense a shot-glass worth of water at your friends, or charge up for a bigger blast that can travel up to 46 feet if you’re aiming at a 45-degree angle.

Just remember, with this one, you’ll need to refill between each shot, leaving you a bit vulnerable between reloads — kind of like a musket in a machine gun fight. If you’re going to embark on a hydro battle campaign, however, you’ll want to be properly outfitted. As such, those little pocketable plastic squirt guns just aren’t going to cut it — not, at least, if you want to come out the other side victorious. Instead, you should pick from our list of the 10 best water guns for adults, and then you can revel in your aquatic dominance all summer long. If you want your backyard H2O fights to make you feel like Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura in ’80s action flick Predator, then the NERF Super Soaker Soakzooka is probably the water pistol for you. Though not nearly as big as an actual Gatling gun, this hip-fire squirt gun is carried in a similar manner and operates via a simple pump control — meaning there’s no trigger.The fan jet nozzle is perfect when you need to cover large surface areas quickly. The rotary jet nozzle has a powerful pencil jet that can be concentrated on particular areas where dirt has built up. All STIHL products purchased online will be issued a STIHL warranty. 100m LED Rope Light This cut-to-length LED rope light combines the highest quality with the brightest effect for all applications, whether residential or commercial. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. While the company doesn’t seem to have an official video of the new Spyra Two in action yet, just the brief intro above, you can check out this video from YouTuber LordDraconical for an idea of what the blaster’s capable of.

These products are of robust durability, helping them last for a long time. They are also made from eco-friendly materials and do not harm the environment, either in the production process or while disposing of them. Obviously, the price of the SpyraTwo is a massive jump from even the most expensive of its contemporaries on this list, clocking in at more than double the dollars.

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